Whether you're a small business or a company with multi-million pound balance sheets, we can work with you – on-site or off-site.

We won't just stop at your VAT returns, but complete your full management accounts. All we ask is that you get us the information as close to quarter-end as possible – if you get the relevant things to us in a timely manner, we offer discretionary discounts to fees… Your bill is reduced, you won't get any penalties from HMRC and you can concentrate on growing your business.

We won't be able to offer the same assurances to clients who bring us all their papers at the last minute, but you'll get the same service.


Pensions, P60s, payslips, deductions, maternity/paternity pay, sick leave – we will navigate through the forest of codes and procedures for you… Efficiently and at low cost.

We also offer Construction Industry scheme submissions and Auto Enrolment services.


"How do I save on tax?"

Another very common question! Our firm aims to save their clients money within the rules of the game – and it helps that, being chartered tax advisers, we know the rules and the game very well.

We'll have to let you down gently when we tell you that it's not possible to have that account in the Caribbean, but we will spot many opportunities for you because of the constantly changing legislation.

Top tax issues we help clients with

– Capital Gains Tax
– Inheritance Tax
– Stamp Duty
– Corporation Tax


VAT is hideously complicated. Archaic laws dating back to the 70s; EU directives and you'll often find that, even if you do refer to the latest legislation (1994), it's not very helpful.

This means that you need the help of people who know how precendents have been set and why they have been set.

The answer to the questions, "Can/should/must I register for VAT…? What can I claim for…?" are often a lot more complicated than they appear at first glance.


The quicker we get all your information – e.g. bank statements, receipts, invoices et cetera – the easier everyone's job, including yours, is. You, as the client, remember things more clearly, there isn't a last minute rush to find everything and you can plan for the future far better.

In short, the more we know, the more we can help you and give you a solution perfect for your business – making it more efficient or saving you more tax.

When we have this information, we like to meet face-to-face at least once, but that isn't completely necessary – but we will need signatures on original documents.

Summary of important points::

1. Give us as much information as possible about your circumstances.
2. Give us this information as soon as possible!


We understand the fears and uncertainties of our clients here. We understand the process. We understand that these things can take years, sometimes, and that the business owner(s) can be investigated by the authorities in a very thorough manner.

Our experience means that all investigations we have helped with have been resolved fairly. Information is king here – we encourage full disclosure and make sure all parties are in full agreement over what is a fair settlement.

Summary of important points:

1. Client must have integrity in the first place

2. Home in on the most important issues

3. Tight definitions in relation to gross and net profit

4. Overall business impact

5. Being specialists in the subjects of tax and accounting


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